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Guide how to choose proper Tanning Lotion

Guide how to choose proper Tanning Lotion
Before you buy your lotion, though, keep in mind that not all are ideal for every skin type. Just like when you buy your regular hand and body lotion, you should also make sure that the one you’re getting for indoor tanning purposes suits your skin type.

Another thing you should look for is the anti-aging ingredient. Always make it a priority to pamper your skin and not cause damage to it. Aloe vera, hemp seed oil and CoQ-10 are famous ingredients that help nourish the skin. Elements that boost the production of collagen and elastin are also important.

If you’re new to using these tanning lotions, the basic accelerator is recommended. This is meant for sensitive skin and people with very pale skin. The tingle is another type you can use and is one of the most effective when it comes to tanning. This one stimulates the skin and results in a reddish color. The downside is a burning and itchy feeling for several hours.

If you’ve been using this type of lotion, maybe you’d like to try the so-called bronzer. This is considered the most popular on the market today and comes in two types – the immediate and delayed. Whatever type you want to use, the best advice is to apply this tinted lotion as evenly as possible on your skin and wipe your hands off once you’re finished.

For an overall tan look, don’t forget to include your face. But be careful not to use the lotion meant for your body on your face. There is a tanning lotion especially for the face which has a thinner and more sensitive skin.

A high content of moisturizer should also be a major consideration. This helps your skin from drying as a result of tanning.

When choosing your lotion, ensure that you pick one ideal for use inside a tanning bed. Using the wrong lotion will not give you the dark skin that you want or worse, it can lead to skin damage. In this case, the bronzing components are vital in order to achieve a great tan at a shorter period as much as possible.

As for cost, should you go for the cheap types or the more expensive brands? When it comes to the skin, it shouldn’t matter if you spend more than the usual. After all, it’s your overall outer appearance that you want to look good. So don’t risk yourself by going for the cheap imitation tanning lotions.

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